Green Stormwater Infrastructure: Opportunities for Community Engagement & Workforce Development

Climate change brings more uncertainty of the frequency and intensity of rainfall worldwide, and thus poses a threat to the existing sewer systems. As the volume of annual rainfall increases, it continues to exceed the capacity of the sewer systems, thus requiring a need for stormwater management to abate this threat. It is urgent that municipalities construct climate-resilient infrastructure in order to manage this stormwater. In order to address this issue in an ecologically-friendly manner, there has been an increased focus on green infrastructure (GI).

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Qidan Wang
Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Being a sustainable traveler doesn’t mean using only your bike to travel or going camping, but it’s a much broader concept. Ecotourism is all about making some simple “green” choices and leaving nothing behind but your footprints. The idea is that you reduce your negative impact while traveling and become more conscious about the destination and the environment. So, here are some great eco-friendly travel tips that will help you leave no trace, no matter where you go.

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Annie Andrews
The Future of Sustainable Travel

The travel market is expected to be worth $441 billion by 2019. That much travel means an exponential rise in the environmental impact of the travel industry. It goes without saying that sustainable travel is becoming less of a niche and more of a necessity. If existing practices aren’t adopted, and new methods to travel sustainably aren’t developed, there won’t be much of a world left that’s worth seeing. There are several small changes you can make to your travel habits to be more green. Here are several modern ways you can enjoy your travels and the Earth at the same time.

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Global Green
How to Ensure your Home is Energy Efficient

There are a number of changes that we can make in our homes that can have a positive impact on the energy efficiency of our homes, some small and some bigger. It is important that we do what we can to have as big an impact as possible on the planet.

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Ella Hendrix
Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and resilience improvements in Houston

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing allows the incremental cost of solar (and in some cases energy-efficient and hurricane-resilient reconstruction) to be covered through financing secured by a special incremental property tax assessment. PACE could help Texas communities rebuild a more resilient real estate market while providing a boost to the local job market at no up-front cost. 

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Roshani Malla
Resilient Construction Standards: Market + Policy Outlook for Fortified Home Standard

The purpose of this report is to highlight recent efforts taken at local and state levels to build physical and financial resilience to extreme weather events, and explore how measures such as retrofitting and implementation of robust building standards established under the Insurance Institute for Business& Home Safety (IBHS) FORTIFIED program are being used to reduce existing risks or prevent new risk for individuals and communities most susceptible to coastal weather disasters.

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Emily Hieber
Creating a Green Workplace in 2019

It has never been more important to be doing your bit to help the planet. As more and more research becomes available about how humans are impacting the world negatively in terms of the natural environment, it is increasingly important to try to do what we can. 

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Ella Hendrix
Colorado’s Just A Transition Away from Coal Energy

Over the past few decades, global concern surrounding the rapid change in Earth’s climate have continued to grow to the point that many US states are taking decisive action for the welfare of the environment, their citizens, and the global population as a whole. Colorado is just one example of this trend favoring a reduction in their reliance on coal-based energy.

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Benjamin Stemer
Global Green’s Food Waste Prevention and Rescue Stakeholder Forum

On Monday, June 24th, Global Green hosted a Food Waste Prevention and Rescue Stakeholder Forum. The forum was created to facilitate discussion among key industry partners to analyze big issues confronting food waste globally, and in the City of Santa Monica. Attendees from all sectors brainstormed solutions to prevent food waste, recover edible food waste, and divert non-edible food waste from landfills.

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Andi Ostenso
Woolsey Fire Rebuilding Resilience Workshop

On April 27, Global Green partnered with the USGBC-LA and the City of Malibu to host property owners affected by the Woolsey Fire at Malibu City Hall for a free hands-on workshop that focused on rebuilding initiatives to encourage a more resilient and green future for the community. 

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Maggie Faigen