One Less Car with Bird x Global Green


Bird Scooters x Global Green

Global Green is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Bird Scooters for Earth Month!  As the original e-scooter sharing company, Bird launched in Santa Monica, California in September of 2017.  Their mission is simple, “one less car.” We couldn’t agree more and look forward to how Bird is now transforming cities across the world as more and more people opt to take a scooter for short trips around their city instead of their car. 

The greenest mode of transportation is to bike or walk; however, this form of transport is not possible for everyone. Bird  serves the perfect solution, allowing riders to get out of traffic, and make their daily transportation “green.” 

Using a Bird to commute to work or for short journeys is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Increasing ridership will combat traffic congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As a part of our mission at Global Green, we are proud to work with a company that is transforming transportation. 

Bird energizes the community and provides a simple, low-cost option for short, efficient journeys. Bird is the perfect choice for one-way or round-trip rides, wherever your destination. 

We have partnered with people around the United States to show us how they “Bird.”  Want to get involved?   Email us at [email protected] for a chance to win a feature of you on your Bird across our social media channels!