Woolsey Fire Rebuilding Resilience Workshop


In the wake of this past November’s Woolsey Fire and the Thomas Fire in 2017, Global Green is continuing to push for regional recovery efforts to assist both the people and the environment impacted by blaze devastation. 

On April 27, Global Green partnered with the USGBC-LA and the City of Malibu to host property owners affected by the Woolsey Fire at Malibu City Hall for a free hands-on workshop that focused on rebuilding initiatives to encourage a more resilient and green future for the community. 

Attendees of the workshop were given the opportunity to meet with LEED-accredited engineering and design experts who presented strategies for fire-resilient building and landscaping, water and energy efficiency and innovative solar systems. Local building codes and available utility incentives were also addressed. 

The 3-hour program began with a welcome from Global Green’s Sharon Williams and Malibu Mayor Pro Tem, Karen Farrer. Keynote speakers for the program included Heather Rosenberg of Arup Group and Cassy Aoyagi, a LEED and SITEs accredited practitioner. Cassy focused on landscaping as a means of domestic resilience by proactively preventing property destruction with formulated tree placement. Heather stressed community involvement and preparedness as priorities concerning fire resiliency efforts. 

The workshop concluded with technical assistance from over 16 field experts, whom answered questions from the 70 attendees on best practices to build back resilient homes and businesses. Rebuilding with green upgrades leads to energy, water, and financial savings for owners while empowering a more defensive and sustainable community. 


Increasingly hot and dry conditions are leaving California vulnerable to larger and more forceful wildfires ahead. The state projects a 77% increase in the average area burned statewide by 2100 if the rate of GHG emissions doesn’t fall. The time to take anticipatory action for threatened communities is now, which means implementing innovative green solutions to protect CA residents and land.

In partnership with the USGBC-LA, Global Green has goals to expand our Rebuilding Resilience Initiative by continuing to execute green rebuilding and repair workshops for Southern California wildfire victims. Strengthened program expansion is necessary in order to promote safe and sustainable community learning and subsequent implementation, particularly in underserved areas. Global green is seeking additional project funding to continue and strengthen this initiative. 

Maggie Faigen