Charlotte’s Sustainable Eats

Charlotte finding snow on an 80 degree hike in Lake Tahoe

Charlotte finding snow on an 80 degree hike in Lake Tahoe

Every “granola-eating,” “sign-wielding”, “tree-hugging” environmentalist has his or her “eco Achilles heel.” That aspect of conventional life that he or she just can’t do without. Or that good environmental deed that is just too “granola” to become everyday. Perhaps you can’t give up on long showers, deprive yourself the occasional burger, or imagine making your own shampoo from apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

What’s mine? Well, I wouldn’t want to lead you to believe that I only have one. While working at Global Green, I have had many enjoyable kitchen chats about the best reusable produce bags to buy, where to go for bulk olive oil and more strategies I can use to become a better environmentalist (check out Jordan’s Green Guide here). But, as I set out to make these tips an integral part of my life, I decided to focus on making my cooking habits better for the health of the environment.

This blog is my attempt to find (and share) the recipes, tips, and sometimes hacks that I’ve learned and vetted to make my eco Achilles heel a little smaller.

My approach is a mix of recipes that make eating well, exploring meat alternatives, and reducing waste feasible for people that are on-the-go and not Pinterest masters.

So, please join me for some sustainable eats, as I attempt to become a better environmentalist, eat more meatless, live more zero waste, and enjoy good food, all while keeping cooking easy.

Next Time: We cool down these hot summer days with zero-waste vegan cheesecake. Join me!

Charlotte Will