AB 758 in California

Advancing legislation to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings in California.

Affordable Housing in California

Advising on green building and providing clean and affor­­dable power to building developments, including a commitment to the White House to install 1MW of solar on affordable housing by 2017.

Greening Los Angeles

Advocating for a 600MW feed-in tariff and working to make the LADWP one of the most energy efficient utilities in the country.


Solar for Sandy

Installing five or more grid-tied back-up solar systems on community facilities in New York and New Jersey communities hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.


NOLA Wise Program for New Orleans

Helping homeowners with weatherization and energy efficiency home upgrades.

Holy Cross Project in New Orleans

Demonstrating sustainability through our model village in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, built post-Hurricane Katrina.

Classroom Education

Piloting hands-on New Orleans classroom education programs on energy efficiency.


Solar Power for the Congo

Empowering the women in VDay's City of Joy with solar power for their village.


Solar Power for Haiti

Powering schools and other facilities, post-earthquake.


Solar Report Cards 2008

Solar Report Cards 2009

Solar Report Card: Switzerland

Solar Report Card: Poland

Solar for Affordable Housing
Global Green USA announces commitment to the White House to install 1MW of solar on affordable housing by 2017. Read the full announcement.

On the Market
Sustainable houses we built in New Orleans are for sale.
Staff Testimonial
The program manager for NOLA Wise shares her story.
Solar & Affordable
California’s first apartment community designed to be fully powered by the sun.