We asked friends of Global Green, including Mark Ruffalo, Adrian Grenier, Orlando Bloom, Serena Williams, Ed O'Neill, James Cameron, Nia Vardalos, Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Mark McGrath, Walton Goggins, Billy Morrison, and Ed Begley Jr., to help us work to make a difference fighting climate change.
Among other challenges, global warming is causing our sea levels to rise and putting our coastal cities -- and billions of people -- at risk across the globe. Global Green is working hard to protect these cities and other communities affected by climate change.

We are all in this together, and friends of Global Green are joining us in making a plea to help stop climate change, by demanding that our leaders invest in green technologies and green jobs now. You can also help us make a difference and guarantee a healthier future.


Some of America's most beloved coastal cities are at risk. See video animations of these coastal cities underwater — if we don't take action to fight climate change.

Scientists warn that the biggest danger from global warming is raising sea level, through a combination of increased water from glacier melting and warmer water temperatures.

  • Sea level has risen four to 10 inches this past century and is projected to rise up to three feet by 2100.
  • For every foot of sea level rise, we can expect about 100 feet of coastal flooding.
  • Nearly 25% of the world’s population lives within 62 miles (100 kilometers) of a shoreline, and this figure is likely to increase to 50% over the next 25 years as people flock to coastal cities.
  • Thirteen of the world’s 20 largest cities are now located on a coast.

Coastal cities are at risk due to sea level rise – affecting billions of people, from New York to New Orleans and Shanghai to Santa Monica. Friends of Global Green, including Mark Ruffalo, Serena Williams, and Adrian Grenier have joined us in taking action against climate change.

Now we are asking for your participation: Tell us what coastal city you love, then declare what you plan to do to green your home, neighborhood, school, or city.

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