Our Model


Our model for building a sustainable future is to create demonstrate the possible through catalytic projects that serve as models for helping create sustainable communities and cutting edge research, and then to make the possible commonplace by through transformative policy, and financial solutions.

Global Green works to create a value shift towards a sustainable future for humanity, and to do that we need to ensure we have a healthy planet to sustain life on earth. From building green infrastructure, to greening affordable housing, to providing innovative and effective answers to the ever-present challenges of green waste disposal, Global Green engages on the the ground and in the meetings that matter for the future of our planet.

Global Green is committed to improving the lives of people in need by working with local communities to develop a vision for a more sustainable and resilient future. We work directly with community members in a hands on fashion to bring the solutions for climate-vulnerable neighborhoods.


Here are some examples of our work


Food Waste

Global Green’s Compost Recovery Resource Program is celebrating its seventh year in diverting food waste from landfills or incineration. By creating a successful approach in implementing our program locally, we are educating the community as a whole about the importance of living an eco-conscious lifestyle.

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Global Green’s resilience programs equip communities with the tools and resources to support energy reliability and green infrastructure, as well as provide assistance when these communities are faced with the consequences of climate change.

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Energy Efficiency

Global Green's work with energy efficiency is an important part of tackling climate change and improving energy security that compliments investment in renewable resources. Efficiency saves money, reduces pressure on the power grid, improves our ability to source energy locally and decreases greenhouse gas emissions from the building stock, all of which help us move towards a sustainable future.


Sustainable Neighborhoods

We are currently working to implement a series of grant focused increasing a community’s resilience in the face of climate change by integrating and strengthening elements of the community's culture. Global Green provides communities with strategic guidance on neighborhood scale resilience measures to improve resilience and social equity.


Green Affordable Housing

The Global Green staff works with developers to align planning and architectural goals with the sustainable community standards under LEED-ND. Some of these sites are geared around a vision of breaking the cycle of homelessness.