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Today, millions of children and teachers (20% of all Americans) go to school every day.  Many of them go to unhealthy, inefficient schools that waste money, make kids sick and provide poor environments for learning. The state of aging school infrastructure is truly a national travesty. 

Fortunately, we have already begun to build healthy green schools right here in Los Angeles, throughout California and in cities across the country. But with millions of kids at risk, and the opportunity to dramatically improve learning conditions at schools, we must build green schools NOW.

You can help.  Here are a few simple ways you can help create healthy green schools in your community and throughout our country to help protect our most precious natural resource—our children.

1) Sign our letter to President Obama urging him to make green schools a priority

2) Download a letter to send to your School Superintendent

3) Download the Global Green Report Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser: A Report on National Green Schools

This report outlines the significant benefits of green schools which include improved learning, reduced operating costs, and better student attendance (which translates into more dollars for school districts). In addition, it provides a green school practitioner guide, case studies, and a reference guide to draft a green school resolution. The report also offers the first overview of Global Green’s landmark green schools initiative in New Orleans made possible by a grant from the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund


 4) Play the Planet Green Game

Starbucks and Global Green USA collaborated on the Planet Green Game to educate the public about climate change through engaging and informative game play while encouraging individuals to become part of the solution in their own lives.  The game also assists individuals - through simple tools and links - in advocating action by elected officials, business and community leaders.

5) Learn the Top 10 Reasons why green schools are so important

Here are some additional facts:

  • Schools currently pay more for energy use than for textbooks and computers combined.
  • Schools could save up to 50% of their energy costs by incorporating energy-saving measures in upgrades and renovations.
  • Green Schools provide the opportunity to protect our most precious natural resources – our children.
  • Green Schools improve students’ academic performance.
  • Green Schools improve student and teacher health.
  • Green Schools reduce CO2 emissions that cause global warming.
  • The education sector is the fastest growing market for green building in the US. The shift  to high performance building creates local jobs in manufacturing, systems  design, installation, renewable energy systems, and more.
  • A $300 billion national investment over a decade in high-performance schools would create 3.3 million jobs.

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