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We hope you will explore some of what Global Green's amazing team has been up to these past few weeks!

LA Pride Global Green Day


As the nation mourns for those affected by the tragedy in Orlando, we were proud to stand with the LGBTQ community in West Hollywood where we announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind initiative to bring together the Pride movement and the environmental movement. Read more about the partnership here.

Fighting The Good Fight Against Dire Water Predictions

To the detriment of California's water supply, many residents haven't heeded the voluntary restrictions enabled by Governor Jerry Brown over the last year and a half and they've paid stiff fines for their abuses. Our strategic partner Energy Upgrade California shares literally hundreds of tips, tricks and suggestions to cut your water and energy usages back to safe and sustainable levels without having to suffer the consequences of physical discomfort or harsh penalties.

Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference

Our Vice President of Programs, Walker Wells, along with Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, spoke at the UCLA's Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference this past month to discuss the future of sustainable living. Read more about the event here.

Multi-Family Dwelling Food Scrap Project

Thanks to a generous grant from the WalMart Foundation, Global Green is working toward a significant shift in the way we address food systems and waste recovery in California. Right now, our team is poised to launch an innovative food scrap collection pilot project for California's apartment building sector, starting with 30 buildings in 12 cities located within Los Angeles, San Mateo, and Contra Costa Counties.