Largest Cross Country Meet in the U.S. Partners with Global Green USA
to Pilot Paper Cup Recycling Initiative; Reduce CO2 Emissions

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September 1, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA) — Santa Monica-based, national environmental non-profit Global Green USA is teaming up with the largest cross country meet in the United States, the Portage Invite in Portage, Michigan, to put recyclable paper cups to the test, both for performance and for recyclability at a local paper mill. Using cups developed by Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) member LBP Manufacturing that have passed a recyclability protocol developed by CoRR member Western Michigan University (WMU), Global Green USA will coordinate their use, collection and recycling at a paper mill in Kalamazoo, MI operated by Graphic Packaging. The successful recovery and recycling of these cups will represent a key step in identifying best systems for keeping valuable paper fiber in the market as high-quality products, and out of landfills.

Unlike many other paper sources, such as newsprint and magazines, foodservice packaging is a growing stream but seldom recovered for recycling. According to the EPA, 5.6 million tons of food service packaging is landfilled in the US each year, releasing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to six coal-fired power plants. Since 2009, Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) program has been working to divert these valuable materials into new products.

“Global Green is committed to helping recover commonly landfilled waste streams, including paper cups and other coated packaging items,” said Lily Kelly, Senior Program Associate at Global Green USA and the project lead.  “When packaging is designed to be recovered, it is a major environmental and financial win. Demonstrating that these cups, which have passed WMU’s recyclability protocol, can be recovered at a full-scale paper mill can build confidence in their potential as a paper input, ease pressure on our forests, and prevent greenhouse gas emissions.” 

The Portage Invite organizers are enthusiastic about the prospect of recovering the 10,000 cups used at each event. “A lot of the athletes competing at the Portage Invite care about their health and the health of our environment,” said Matt Swanson, the Portage Northern High School Cross Country and Track & Field Coach and one of the organizers of the race. “We want to see these cups recovered, and we want them to get turned into new paper if at all possible.” Other road races across the country have echoed these sentiments, stating that they are eager to work with Global Green USA on future pilots, and with their local haulers and mills, to ensure that their cups are recovered.

Paper mills that serve the regions near the road races are likewise interested in determining whether the cup items will prove a good source of fiber. “We’re eager to get new supplies of recycled domestic feedstock and support the paper industry in the US,” said Mike Farrell, Vice President - Recycled Mill Division for Graphic Packaging International, whose mill will be accepting the cups. “Recycling cups can be challenging, and we believe these pilots can demonstrate that cups that are designed for recyclability can be brought to our paper mill. We’re glad to work with Global Green USA and road races on this important initiative.”

CoRR member LBP Manufacturing donated the cups, which are commercially available and designed with sustainability in mind, for the race event. “Our goal is to show that it is possible to make high-quality, effective cups that are also designed for recovery at recycled paper mills,” said Thomas Fu, their Vice President of Global Innovation. “We are excited to provide these cups, and participate in pilots that can build the system for their recovery, so that brand owners and customers alike can know they can dispose of these cups responsibly. It’s good business, and good for the planet.”

Global Green USA is dedicated to helping the people, places, and the planet in need through catalytic projects, transformative policy, and cutting-edge research. Global Green USA's signature programs include greening affordable housing, schools, neighborhoods, and cities as well as rebuilding communities -- such as New Orleans and areas of New York and New Jersey -- that have suffered from the impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and environmental degradation. For more than 6 years, Global Green has operated the CoRR program to pioneer waste reduction strategies in cities. For more information, visit and follow us @globalgreen.

For press inquiries, please contact Lily Kelly, Senior Program Associate, Coalition for Resource Recovery, at or 415-697-0399.

Global Green Launches New Mobile Fundraising Campaign, Climate Champions — Global Green

Commemorating 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Global Green Launches New Mobile Fundraising Campaign, Climate Champions

Initiative Aims to Reduce Damage from Future Climate-Related Disasters for AT-RISK CITIES INCLUDING NYC, LA, SF, BOSTON, AND MIAMI by Raising Funds for Climate Action and Community Center, Educational Initiatives & Disaster Response Teams

Los Angeles, CA – August 24th  2015 - Global Green USA is commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and their efforts to rebuild a greener New Orleans by launching its Climate Champions fundraising campaign. The initiative recommits resources to NOLA and other at-risk cities such as New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles in order to complete their Lower Ninth Ward Climate Action and Community Center, enhance their New Orleans-based Disaster Response Team, and educate and motivate people in other cities to make changes to prevent climate related disasters and become prepared before they happen, thereby lessening the destruction and shortening the reconstruction process.

For more than two decades, Global Green USA has been a national leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that improve lives and protect our planet. Immediately after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Global Green was instrumental in helping to create and implement initiatives to rebuild the Crescent City’s schools, homes and buildings to be healthier, more energy-efficient and more resilient to future storms. Global Green is revitalizing its commitment to New Orleans and heightening attention towards other endangered coastal cities by designating the Community Development and Climate Action Center as the epicenter for providing critical resources to climate change threats. Its expanded purpose will be to build upon the existing promise of providing community meeting rooms, serve as a first responder site during disasters and provide necessary retail space while additionally acting as a multi-purpose resource to educate visitors via exhibits, labs, classrooms and a resource library on the importance of the environment and how communities can thrive in response to global climate change.

The Climate Champions fundraising initiative will roll out in stages initially raising $1.5 million to complete the Community Development and Climate Action Center and provide resources for the Disaster Response Team. Unlike emergency responders, Global Green’s Disaster Response Teams are deployed to help cities reconstruct greener buildings after environmental tragedies and educate people on preparation for and response to the next hurricanes, floods, droughts or other natural disasters.

Global Green is utilizing crowdfunding in collaboration with cloud based software solution company MobileCause, to provide an innovative and greener way of raising awareness and fundraising. The campaign will also educate supporters on how fragile all of our coastal communities are due to climate change, while highlighting what we can learn from mega hurricanes such as Katrina and Sandy to help reduce the impacts of future storms, minimize the massive destruction which follows, and provide emergency power and resources for communities at risk.  Future Climate Change Champions can log onto to get more information or they can text CLIMATE to 77717 to get involved now.

Dr. Les McCabe, President and CEO of Global Green USA: “We are excited to reinvigorate our presence in New Orleans with new initiatives including our Climate Champions campaign to raise funds and awareness and are equally excited to announce the expanded direction for our Community Development and Climate Action Center based on the needs of the residents of New Orleans and all communities impacted by climate change, to provide a space which serves as the Ground Zero of climate change resources, houses our growing Disaster Response Team and provides educational exhibits and a state of the art learning environment.”

On the Fourth Anniversary of Katrina, Time Magazine reported, “…no organization is doing more to green New Orleans than Global Green USA.” Global Green garnered international visibility from their unprecedented response to the Katrina disaster by creating a greenprint to rebuild New Orleans to be healthy and energy efficient. They sparked global interest in affordable housing construction by hosting an international sustainable design competition chaired by Brad Pitt in the Holy Cross neighborhood of the Lower Ninth Ward, rebuilt and modernized damaged schools with the support of the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund and helped to transform tax incentives and other state and local policies for incentivizing solar and green building. 

The Disaster Response Team conveyed many of the lessons learned from New Orleans to over two dozen cities including New York City after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the eastern seaboard. In New York, Global Green responded with innovative Solar for Sandy initiatives, helping to erect greener buildings in the wake of the storm and provide community centers with off grid renewable energy through solar power. 

Forty percent of the U.S. population lives in coastal areas, making them the highest risk for destruction. Natural and man-made disasters cause an estimated 57 billion dollars in average annual costs. Ten years later, NOLA is still rebuilding and recuperating. Nearly three years later, the Jersey Shore is still suffering from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. California is currently experiencing its worst drought in history. These are all interconnected issues which will continue to afflict our environment, our wallets and our lives. Global Green USA’s Climate Action and Community Center is therefore the place to generate education and critical resources for other at-risk cities in the US and abroad. 

In demonstrating the depth of commitment Global Green USA has for New Orleans and beyond, multiple upcoming projects are planned including celebrity supporters participating in ongoing NOLA volunteer initiatives, a benefit concert, and a celebrity fundraising campaign to be rolled out over the next six months in order to further our compelling agenda of educating, motivating change and recruiting Climate Champions.

For press inquiries, please contact:
It Girl Public Relations | 310-577-1122


Sustainability Experts from Global Green USA to Visit Neighborhoods Across the Country in 2015


Los Angeles, CA (August 20, 2015)—Six American communities will receive free sustainable neighborhood planning and design consultation in 2015-2016 from Global Green USA with the help of a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program.  Global Green will assemble a team of sustainability experts to conduct three-day visits to communities and provide comprehensive recommendations for infrastructure and policy changes aimed at helping the communities build a future that is more resource-efficient, livable, healthy, equitable, and environmentally responsible.




Winners Announced

Cincinnati, OH; Memphis, TN; New Orleans, LA; Phoenix, AZ; Seattle, WA; St. Louis, MO; were competitively selected for the free consultations based on several criteria, including need for assistance, urgency, substantial upcoming projects and community engagement.


“Cities are responsible for up to seventy percent of global warming pollution, but they can also be the laboratories for climate friendly solutions that save money, improve health and quality of life,” said Walker Wells, Director of Programs, Global Green “For nearly two decades Global Green has been helping cities create sustainable plans for the future and we are excited to be able to bring our expertise to these six deserving communities.”


Starting in October, the Global Green sustainability team will visit each of the communities with other planning and sustainability experts from around the country— including Raimi+Associates, Farr Associates, the USGBC, and Agora Group. During the site assessment, the team will identify a neighborhood’s positive qualities, consult with community stakeholders in meetings and public workshops, and identify major opportunities to improve the sustainability of each neighborhood.


At the conclusion of the visit, the team will present recommendations for both physical and policy changes that may include streetscape improvements, ecological restoration, integrated energy and water infrastructure, new standards for in-fill and transit-oriented development, or zoning code revisions to allow for urban agriculture or mixed-use development.


The sustainability experts evaluating the communities will use the LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) standard, a nationally recognized method for creating neighborhoods that are walkable, bikeable, resource-efficient, and equitable. Benefits of LEED-ND neighborhoods can include lower municipal operations costs, reduced infrastructure costs, increased use of alternate transportation, improvements to public health, and environmental protection. LEED-ND was developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the Congress for the New Urbanism, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.


The assistance to the six communities is made possible by a grant to Global Green USA from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Sustainable Communities under their Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program. Global Green and three other nonprofit organizations—Forterra (formerly Cascade Land Conservancy), Smart Growth America and Project for Public Spaces—received these competitively awarded grants to help protect the environment and improve overall quality of life for communities.


In the first three years of the grant, Global Green USA visited 23 cities across the country. Previous cities receiving assistance in 2012, 2013, and 2014 included: Los Angeles, CA; Long Beach, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Dubuque, IA; Oak Forest, IL; Long Beach, NY; Westerly, RI; Oakland, CA; Lakewood, CO; Lafayette, IN; Louisville, KY; Dearborn, MI; Eden Prairie, MN; Greensboro, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Burlington, VT; Camden, NJ; Cary, NC; Hoboken, NJ; Milwaukee, WI; Montgomery, AL; Staten Island, NY, and Toledo, OH.


Recommendation reports for these cities can be found by visiting: neighborhood assessments


For more information about LEED-ND visit:


A guide for how LEED-ND can be used by local governments is available here:


More about US EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program is available here:

YouTube Sensation Prince Ea and Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu Among Select Recipients of Global Green USA Millennium Awards

19th Annual Millennium Awards also honors Angeleno Group and JMB Realty
for Corporate Environmental Leadership in Green Building

From L to R: Stevie Wonder and family, Dr. Les McCabe, Matt Walsh, Bill Bridge, Jussie Smollett, Sharon Lawrence, Ed O’Neill.
Photo Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images


Los Angeles, June 8, 2015:  Global Green USA, with a mission to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future, recognized the tremendous advancements made in industry, media and public policy at its 19th Annual Millennium Awards on Saturday, June 6, 2015, at the historic Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.  The event honored the environmental accomplishments of a select group of outstanding individuals and organizations making a profound difference in renewable energy investments and efficiency.


In front of 500 guests, Global Green USA’s CEO, Dr. Les McCabe, welcomed environmental luminaries, supporters and celebrities including Stevie Wonder, Ed O’Neill, Jussie Smollett and California State Treasurer John Chiang.  “We were so honored and humbled to celebrate the significant accomplishments of all our honorees at the 19th Annual Millennium Awards,” offered Dr. McCabe.  “Thanks to the hundreds of supporters who attended the event, Global Green will be able to continue its significant work creating climate resilient communities in Los Angeles, New Orleans and in other cities across the country so they can have healthier and greener homes, schools and buildings.  This would also have not been possible without our supporters who included Turf Terminators, Energy Upgrade California, VEEV and MobileCause among others.”


Award recipients included Archbishop Desmond Tutu via a televised acceptance speech (International Environmental Leadership Award) which was presented to the legendary human rights advocate by Empire star Jussie Smollett.  Performing artist Prince Ea (Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award) was honored for his breakout music video, “Sorry” which has over 64 million views on YouTube and is helping engage a new generation in the fight against climate change.  Daniel Weiss and Yaniv Tepper, Co-Founders of Angeleno Group (Corporate Environmental Leadership Award) received the honor for their impact investing in the renewable energy sector.  Judd Malkin and Neil Bluhm, Founders, JMB Realty (Green Building Leadership Award, accepted by Sarah Shaw) were recognized for their commitment to the construction of energy efficient buildings.  Dr. Vandana Shiva (Individual Environmental Leadership Award) was celebrated for her tireless work in promoting sustainability across the globe.  Energy Upgrade California (California Environmental Leadership Award) received its award for the initiative’s pioneering efforts in reducing energy consumption.  Finally, we honored Ibrahim AlHusseini, (Environmental Community Leadership Award) for the work his organization Full Cycle Energy Fund does in nurturing entrepreneurs and technologies in the renewable energy sector.


Attendees included Empire co-star Jussie Smollett; award-winning actor, award presenter and star of Modern Family, Ed O’Neill; fellow actors and presenters Matt Walsh, Sharon Lawrence and Peter Mensah; actress and dancer Laura Linda Bradley; event co-chair Cathy O’Neill; Global Green USA founder and fellow event co-chair, Diane Meyer Simon; California State Treasurer John Chiang; City of Los Angeles Chief Sustainability Officer, Matt Petersen; and environmental luminaries David Oxtoby, Michael Lerner, Warren Olney, Mary Tucker, Stuart Kaufman, Michaela Walsh, and Bernard Lietaer, among others.  A guest musical performance was given by American Idol and The Voice contestant, Adam Lasher.



The Millennium Awards were established in 1996 to recognize and herald those luminaries whose lives and livelihood embody Global Green USA's mission of fostering a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future.  The Awards were designed to honor individuals and organizations who recognize the connection between humankind and nature, to celebrate their success and to inspire others to follow in their steps.  The awards are presented annually in Los Angeles.


Global Green USA is dedicated to helping the people, places, and the planet in need through catalytic projects, transformative policy, and cutting-edge research.  Global Green USA's signature programs include greening affordable housing, schools, neighborhoods and cities as well as rebuilding communities such as those in New Orleans, New York and New Jersey which have suffered from the severe impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and environmental degradation.  For more information, visit and follow us @globalgreen.


MEDIA CONTACT:  David Escobar-Cambay, C4 Global Communications


Tel: 310.899.2727

Global Green Releases RFP to Cities for Sustainable Neighborhood Planning

Santa Monica, CA: June 10: Global Green is seeking applications from local governments and tribal entities for the 2015 Sustainable Neighborhood Assessments.  The assistance is based on the LEED for Neighborhood Development standard, which provides a nationally recognized method for creating neighborhoods that are walkable, bikeable, resource-efficient, and equitable.

 This free assistance is being provided under a grant to Global Green from the US EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program. The estimated dollar value of this technical assistance is approximately $20,000 per community. Six awards will be made through this selection process.

 Through a 3-day intensive visit and consultation, the Global Green team evaluates how the sustainability of a specific neighborhood can be enhanced through an upcoming catalytic project. Prior to the visit the team conducts an extensive review of existing plans and the existing pattern of development. During the site assessment, the team identifies the existing positive qualities of the neighborhood, consults with community stakeholders in meetings and a public workshop, and identifies major opportunities to improve neighborhood sustainability and resiliency. At the conclusion of the visit, the team presents recommendations for both physical and policy changes to the neighborhood. Ideally there is a community development or planning process underway in the community that can benefit from or integrate the recommendations.

 Good candidates are communities that have expressed an interest in integrating sustainability as part of community revitalization efforts and that can identify a neighborhood that features a "catalytic project." Examples from previous communities include affordable housing development or renovation, public housing redevelopment through Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, urban design and green infrastructure upgrades related to combined sewer overflow mitigation, light rail or bus rapid transit stations, new urban parks, eco district formation, and modifications to increase resilience to extreme weather events.

 Submissions are due July 17th.

The application can be downloaded at:

For more information please contact Krista Frank at: or 310-581-2700 x107.


November 13, 2014 (Albany, CA) -- Global Green has joined forces with the City of Albany, CA and members of its Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) to launch in-depth pilots in select buildings to collect valuable data, test innovative products, and support the broader rollout of food scrap recovery across the region (see a video about the pilot launch here). The system being piloted includes the use of water-resistant paper bags for compost recovery, which are anticipated to facilitate greater participation while also ensuring that composters in the region can process the waste easily into high-value soil products. Increasing the availability of compost for the region's farms can also help them reduce irrigation needs, a crucial drought-fighting measure. These efforts are part of an overall organizational mission focused on advancing smart solutions to climate change.


Herndon, VA ( October 13, 2014) -- Volkswagen of America, Inc. (VWoA) and Global Green USA today announced the auction of the first 2015 all-electric Volkswagen e-Golf. The auction, hosted online at, gives bidders the opportunity to be the first owner of the brand's first all-electric model before retail sales in the United States begin later this year. Proceeds will benefit Global Green USA, a national environmental non-profit and leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that help improve lives and protect the planet.

Global Green USA Announced as Energy Upgrade California® Grant Award Winner for Statewide Energy Management Education Program

Santa Monica, CA -- Global Green USA has been named one of a select number of community-based organizations across the state that have been awarded grants to develop and implement energy management outreach, awareness, and educational programs for its local community with an emphasis on reaching diverse and underserved populations.


July 9, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) -- Santa Monica-based, national environmental non-profit Global Green USA and Athens Services, one of L.A.'s largest recycling and waste services company, have joined forces to introduce food scrap recovery to more multi-family buildings, starting in Lincoln Heights. The pilot represents the largest residential building to implement food scrap collection in the city to date.


SANTA MONICA, CA (JUNE 24, 2014) -- Following an exhaustive, national six month search, Global Green USA has appointed Les McCabe, Ph.D., of The Institute for Shipboard Education as its new President and CEO effective July 1st. Today’s announcement was made by the Transition Committee of Global Green’s Board of Directors, led by Robert Bucklin, Chairman of the Board and formerly Vice Chairman of North America for Rabobank, and Transition Chair and Global Green Board Member Christiana Wyly.

Global Green USA’s 2014 Millennium Awards Honors NRG Energy’s David Crane and U.S. Green Building Council's Rick Fedrizzi

Global Green USA recognized the tremendous advancements made in industry, building, media and public policy that move the world toward a sustainable and secure future at its annual Millennium Awards that took place on Saturday, June 7th at the Fairmont Hotel. David Crane, President & CEO of NRG Energy, was honored with the Corporate Environmental Leadership Award; Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO, & Founding Chairman of the U.S. Green Building Council was honored with the Individual Leadership Award.


April 21, 2014 (New Orleans, LA) -- Global Green USA released a video today that documented a test of recyclable coated corrugated boxes for ice-packed seafood shipped through the summer heat of Louisiana at the New Orleans Fish House. The boxes were shipped to Baton Rouge to some of the New Orleans Fish House's more distant customers.

Statement on Behalf of the Los Angeles Clean Energy Coalition, regarding Mayor Garcetti's State of the City

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 10th, 2014) -- Mayor Garcetti gave his first State of the City tonight, and made strong statements in favor of advancing clean energy and sustainability measures over the next four years. He announced his intention to increase the City’s energy efficiency and renewable portfolio standard, two initiatives that members of the Los Angeles Clean Energy Coalition have been spearheading.

Global Green USA Completes 2nd Green School Makeover; Demonstrates Model for Sustainability at Green Schools National Conference

SACRAMENTO, CA ( March 28, 2014) -- Speaking at the Green Schools National Conference, Global Green USA and Pureology announced the completion of its comprehensive, student-led Green School Makeover at Boston Latin School. A panel of expert judges selected the winning school after six months of intensive outreach by educators, school districts and educational organizations, resulting in more than 450 submissions. Drawing on its green building expertise that spans more than two decades, Global Green USA provided Boston Latin School with a $75,000 grant to realize its student-created proposal of giving America’s first and oldest public school a sustainability-focused makeover.


LOS ANGELES, CA. (February 14, 2014) -- Global Green USA announced today that the award-winning musician and environmentalist Moby will take the stage as headliner at Global Green USA's 11th Annual Pre-Oscar® Party, and electronic music duo The Crystal Method will be spinning all night at one of Oscar Week's biggest events.


Los Angeles, CA (January 21, 2014) - Eight American communities will receive free sustainable neighborhood design consultation in 2014 from Global Green USA with the help of a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program. Over the next ten months, four sustainability experts will conduct three-day visits to communities and provide comprehensive recommendations for infrastructure and policy changes aimed at helping the communities build a future that is more resource-efficient, livable, healthy, and environmentally responsible.


New York, December 11 - On Tuesday, December 3 Global Green USA’s 14th annual Sustainable Design Awards were held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. Hosted by Jason Silva of National Geographic, Sam Champion making his first public appearance since his Weather Channel appointment, and global clean energy entrepreneur Christiana Wyly, the sold-out event will benefit Global Green USA’s work to help the people, places and planet - notably itsSolar for Sandy resiliency initiative to provide back-up solar systems to communities that were hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.


The 14th Annual Sustainable Design Awards were presented on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Honorees included the Clinton Foundation, accepted by Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of Clinton Foundation; Benjamin Zachary Bronfman, Impact Entrepreneur; and Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University; and Action Environmental Group. A special thanks was given to IKEA for post-Sandy efforts.

View 2013 event photos.

Global Green USA's Sustainable Design Awards were established in 1999 to recognize specific advancements in industry, building, media, organizations, and public policy. Whether they are helping to protect our air and water, eliminating weapons of mass destruction, stemming climate change, or raising the consciousness of millions, we honor the 'designs' of these leaders, who are courageous enough to make the commitment to sustainability.

Global Green USA Collaborates with IKEA US and NYC Parks to Launch 'Solar For Sandy' Initiative, Increase Resiliency of New York Community

NEW YORK (OCTOBER 23, 2013) - Global Green USA today announced that NYC Parks’ Red Hook Recreation Center in Brooklyn is the first official beneficiary of its ‘Solar For Sandy’ resiliency initiative. Designed to bring bring grid-tied, back-up solar energy systems to five or more community facilities that serve urban areas hit hardest by the superstorm, the ‘Solar for Sandy’ initiative was announced last June at the Clinton Global Initiative America. Global Green’s inaugural ‘Solar For Sandy’ installation will take place in collaboration with lead funder IKEA, the world’s largest home furnishings retailer, which has a store just a few blocks from the recreation center and with support from the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.