Programs and Initiatives

Green Urbanism Program

Creating environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable communities throughout the country.

Providing technical assistance to local governments, public agencies, and affordable housing developers to help integrate sustainable practices into the planning, design, construction, and operation of the built environment.

Green Schools Initiative

Helping schools reduce operating costs, improve performance, and inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.

Making green upgrades to improve health and performance, as well as creating sustainability, curricular development, and experiential learning models for public schools across the country—through policy initiatives, awareness campaigns, and programs such as our
Green School Makeover Competition.

Policy & Legislative Affairs

Advocating for clean energy, green building, energy efficiency, and sustainable cities.

Fighting for policies that reduce greenhouse emissions, improve urban environments, and support environmental equity—including energy efficiency measures, green schools funding, bike share programs, and more.

Holy Cross Project

Building a model sustainable community in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Helping New Orleans rebuild green following Hurricane Katrina by building a sustainable neighborhood with affordable housing and a community center in the Lower Ninth Ward, one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the devastating storm.

Coalition for Resource Recovery

Transforming waste into assets.

Conducting innovative pilot programs for cities, farms, restaurants, and schools to re-design wasteful systems and practices.

'Solar for Sandy' Initiative

Increasing resiliency in New York & New Jersey neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Installing resiliency upgrade measures on four additional community centers, including model solar systems with battery back-up to provide a safe place for people to go during a natural disaster and access to essentials like power and refrigeration.


Supporting outreach and education for a greener Gulf Coast.

Connecting Greater New Orleans residents with resources such as rebates, best practices, trainings, and reliable partners to implement energy and water saving measures in their homes; administering the "Be Energy Smart!" in-school education program that teaches students how to conserve energy at home and school.

Water & Wetlands

Investing in multiple lines of defense.

Educating urban and coastal dwellers on ways to reduce the impacts of rising seas and flooding neighborhoods—including accessing carbon credits for wetlands restoration and implementing sustainable infrastructure techniques that allow for greater absorption of urban stormwater.

Environmental Security & Sustainability Program

Ensuring the safe and environmentally sound elimination of chemical and other dangerous weapons

Facilitating the complex process of demilitarization and cleanup of stockpiles and related toxic pollution that threaten the environment, human health, and global security.