We improve the lives of people by educating students and community members on Climate Change & Resiliency, and assisting with the implementation of sustainable lifestyle practices.

We build catalytic Green Urbanism projects for schools, homes, and neighborhoods to serve as models for helping create sustainable communities and cities.

We promote the shift toward a sustainable future to ensure a healthy planet by restoring wetlands, retrofitting homes with green energy solutions, and designing effective solutions to the challenge of waste disposal.


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Green Urbanism


Global Green USA's Green Urbanism Program works in partnership with local governments and public agencies that are ready to do sustainability. We help these entities create innovative and replicable policies, programs and procedures that make sustainable practices the standard during the planning, design, construction and operation of a built environment.

By working closely with agency staff and community stakeholders, we have helped create a number of innovative green building programs, sustainability plans, green urban design proposals and climate action strategies. These efforts include the green building programs in the cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and West Hollywood, the Local Government Green Building Program Guide, the West Hollywood Environmental Task Force Summary Report and several LEED for Neighborhood Development certified projects.

One particular area of emphasis is helping public agencies and developers of affordable housing use the LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system to advance their environmental goals and create models of sustainable neighborhoods. Global Green is the only technical assistance provider in the country to have certified three developments through the pilot version of the rigorous LEED-ND system and is working on several other planning projects that combine affordable housing with environmental design while pursuing LEED-ND certification. Among the projects certified by Global Green in collaboration with its planning and development partners are The Holy Cross Project, Cornfields Arroyo Seco Specific Plan and Miraflores.

Global Green USA is also expanding the application of the LEED-ND Rating System to assess the sustainability of existing neighborhoods. By developing a tool that incorporates the metrics of LEED-ND, Global Green USA is providing technical assistance to public officials and local government staff to determine ways that future development in their communities can achieve high levels of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Our approach combines a depth of expertise in green building, neighborhood planning and sustainability with over ten years of facilitation experience.

Throughout our involvement, we strive to empower staff and stakeholders to be the long-term stewards of the policies and programs that we help establish. The end result is environmentally rigorous, reflective of local issues and priorities and able to be adopted with confidence and implemented with success.


CEO and President

Dr. Les McCabe