Say No to Dirty Energy

dirtyenergyprop_logoWhat do Blue Shield of California, AARP, Warner Bros. Entertainment and every environmental group in the universe have in common? All are strongly opposed to a California ballot initiative that would dirty our air, stifle the emerging green job market and cripple innovation and competition. Two Texas based oil companies are bankrolling this misleading and unscrupulous ballot proposition that would allow polluters to skirt clean air regulations. In 2006 California passed a landmark global warming reduction law, AB 32, which requires polluters to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of global warming. If this first of its kind legislation were rolled back virtually any hope of federal climate legislation is all but dead.

The primary funders for the initiative are oil companies Valero Energy Corp. and Tesoro with large contributions coming from Occidental (Oxy) Petroleum and a small Missouri based non-profit called the Adam Smith Foundation. Interestingly the non-profit was able to come up with half a million dollars to donate to the campaign, money that is untraceable. The proponents spent over $2 million to collect the necessary signatures needed to get the dirty prop on the ballot. Barring massive irregularities we'll see this on the November ballot.

The dirty energy prop is an assault on California's public health, a blow to clean air and water and a roadblock to economic growth. Log on to, sign up for updates, tell your friends, donate to the campaign if possible and make sure to get the word out that Texas oil companies will not hijack California's energy future.