Celebrating Energy Independence Day

blog_flagEach Fourth of July, Americans celebrate with family and friends, and pause to remember what our nation’s founders fought for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Still, too often in our busy lives we take those inalienable rights from the Declaration of Independence for granted. In times of crisis, however, we come together as a family of American citizens. This was true after Hurricane Katrina, and following the tragic BP oil spill in the Gulf last year.

It has been one year since Global Green and the New Orleans Green Collaborative, a group of organizations and businesses from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, released our Declaration of Energy Independence calling for greater urgency in pursuing renewable energy sources and technology. We declared our desire for a more sustainable future and called upon citizens and Congress to step up demand a shift away from fossil fuels in favor of clean energy--solar, wind, and other renewable sources.

Now on this Fourth of July, we renew that call and ask you to sign our letter to President Obama, urging him to create a clean energy future, starting in the same region devastated by the BP oil spill and assisting those affected by the nation’s most devastating environmental disaster. The hard-working Americans along the coasts of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas can lead us to a green economy and clean energy future.

Despite the national focus shifting away with the incessant 24-hour news cycle, our work continues in the Gulf. The efforts we make to protect our vision for the future are tireless.

Now, more than ever, we are urging our fellow citizens to join us in fighting for the true energy independence necessary to maintain the fundamental rights upon which our founding fathers built this nation. We the people must continue to assert our power to protect our families and communities, and fight for our collective right to greener, happy lives for us all.

Please sign our letter to President Obama today. And I hope you have a fun and safe Fourth of July with your family and friends.