Action Alert: Support the Gulf Today

blog_gulf_never_againMore than a year after the tragic and devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we're still working on recovery and restoration efforts. Today, we're joining numerous Gulf Coast activists in an important Day of Action and urging our Global Green supporters to contact your Senator(s) today, July 18, to urge them to make sure Clean Water Act fines are paid to Gulf Coast states for ecosystem restoration; to make sure there is a clean energy future for the Gulf; and to make sure a disaster like this does not happen again by creating a Gulf of Mexico Regional Citizens Advisory Council (GMRCAC) to help inform future oil and gas operations.

Tomorrow, Beth Galante, director of our New Orleans office, will be presenting this agenda at the White House, where she'll be accepting a "Champions of Change" honor for her Global Green USA work in the Gulf, and participating in a roundtable discussion with other leaders working in the region to ensure a greener future. We'll have a chance to post to our Twitter account (@globalgreenusa) and Facebook page during the day at the White House, so check in with us online for our updates.