In the News: Budget Cuts and National Security

In the midst of the budget chaos that seems to permeate Washington politics these days, many may have missed the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives cut 14% of funding for nuclear nonproliferation programs in its version of the fiscal year 2012 budget. We have joined with colleagues in the Fissile Material Working Group in calling for the U.S. Senate to fully restore the necessary funding for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in the Department of Energy. This $85 million cut in the 2012 nonproliferation budget undermines global security and hurts President Obama's goal to lock down all bomb-grade nuclear materials in four years. While we're spending billions annually in Iraq and Afghanistan, in makes no sense to cut much smaller but equally important programs that keep nuclear bomb-making materials out of the hands of terrorists. For more on this issue, check out the op-ed column in Saturday’s New York Times, "From Budget Cuts to Dirty Bombs."