Tweeting for a Cause: Sophia Bush Honored

bl_sophia_austin_matt A virtual high-five and hug goes out to Sophia Bush for winning a Do Something Twitter Award for her work to mobilize online support and encourage others to, well, do something. In her acceptance speech, Bush acknowledged her initial reluctance to join Twitter before she discovered its value in reaching a wide audience to raise awareness for those in need (including Mother Earth). We're grateful she warmed to Twitter and used it following the BP Deepwater oil spill in the Gulf to enlist support from fans -- and to show by example that we can all make a difference.

Our work on the Gulf Coast continues (and our own Beth Galante was recently honored at the White House for those efforts to help grow a green economy there). You, too, can continue to support efforts in the Gulf with the purchase of Gasoline Rainbows, a benefit CD Bush put together with Austin Nichols, both pictured with our CEO Matt Petersen on a trip to the Gulf Coast to help with the efforts there following the BP oil spill. Below, Bush's acceptance speech for her award.