Labor Day Wish: More Green Jobs, Please

holy_cross_hard_hatsDuring his speech in Detroit on Labor Day, President Obama spoke about the recession and the tough economic times, especially for the unemployed masses. We will hear more from the President on Thursday, when he addresses Congress and the nation about his plan to grow the economy and promise to “put more Americans back to work right now.” We hope he is listening to Vice President Joe Biden, who spoke last week at an energy summit in Nevada, telling attendees that “there’s absolutely no reason why the United States can’t lead the world in clean energy.” To ensure a healthy future and curb our independence on costly and dirty fossil fuels, we know we need to invest in clean energy -- and growing the green economy is the right thing to do in helping our struggling nation bounce back. More green economy food for thought:

A Brookings Institute study released in July report shows the clean energy sector employs approximately 2.7 million workers -- and is growing.

Grist recently posted an infographic showing how many jobs solar would create.