The Great Case for Coastal Restoration

gulf_boatAs Global Green USA works with dedicated residents of the Gulf Coast to create a clean and green energy economy for the future, this new report from Restore America's Estuaries helps underscore the fact that coastal restoration isn't just about protecting our nation's energy infrastructure, international shipping, and commercial fisheries -- it's also about creating an astounding number of jobs and new businesses.  And these jobs can never be exported. Thirty new jobs can be created for every million dollars invested in restoring our coast -- that's more than twice as many jobs as both the oil and gas and road construction industries combined. But it's not just a jobs engine -- it's a critical public safety issue. With more than half of Americans living within 50 miles of a coast, we need this workforce to get to work protecting our cities and communities along the coast from flooding, hurricanes, and sea level rise. As our nation struggles to find its economic footing and return to prosperity, coastal restoration is a smart investment for our country now. How can you help?  Contact your elected officials and tell them that you expect them to vote for coastal restoration jobs, including the Restore Act that the entire Gulf Coast delegation -- Democrats and Republicans -- is sponsoring this month to direct the fines paid by BP Oil for the oil disaster to coastal restoration projects.