Walk This Way: Walk to School Day

walk_to_school_day In our perfect world, Walk to School Day would be every day. For now, we celebrate international Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 5, with hopes that it will inspire more walk/bike/vehicle-free trips to and from school for those who can.

Of course, the streets are not like they used to be in the good-old-days and safety is a factor. The websites for Safer Routes organization and Safe Routes to School National Partnership both have tips and resources. And you can boogie-oogie with this video aimed at teaching kids safety on the road (with the music of "Safety Dance" -- apologies in advance if the song gets stuck in your head).

Those across the country who are officially registered for this year's Walk to School Day are mapped here and there are plenty of ideas for classroom activities to tie to the occasion -- good for any day of the year. Because we are committed to fighting climate change, we would add this lesson to the mix: Walking or biking to school helps keep the air clean and fights global warming. For each mile you walk or bike instead of taking a car or bus, you save almost one pound of CO2 from clogging the atmosphere.