Global Green Weekly Rewind: Oct. 10-16

bl_wall_street_sign_posterizedStories from the past week that we're still taking about: Green Occupation of Wall Street: Global Green USA CEO Matt Petersen writes about why we care about Occupy Wall Street. (Matt's post)

Economy Woes: Consumers who want to make organic and sustainable purchases, from cleaning supplies to cars, are having trouble splurging on the extra costs.(The New York Times)

Chicago Road Rules: Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a new policy that requires city employees to use public transportation. (Chicago City press release)

Food for Thought: Blog Action Day for 2011 was on World Food Day and the topic was food. Kelly Rigg of tcktcktck wrote about food and climate change. (Huffington Post)

More BP Spill Damage: Seafood from the Gulf Coast is said to be unsafe for pregnant women and children (Time)

Green Dreams: In a column written the weekend the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C., Martin Luther King III wrote that he believes his father would have supported the environmental movement. (Washington Post)

Pipeline Controversy: Concern for the Keystone XL Pipeline continues to generate headlines. (PBS)