Global Green Weekly Rewind: Oct. 17-23

Stories from the past week that we're still taking about: iam_santamonica_franpavleyWe'd like more leaders like this: Great speech by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island on taking action to fight climate change. (Post with excerpt and link to full speech)

California become the first state to approve cap-and-trade regulation to cut climate pollution and transition to clean energy. (LA Times)

Clean energy helps recovering economies across the globe: The market responds to clean energy well in Ireland and Iceland. Ireland sets wind power record (New York Times). The message from Iceland President Grimmson rings clear and wide: give the people the clean energy economy they want and need (Treehugger).

Sad week for animals/mammals at risk. Threatened by climate change: Polar bears in Canada's Hudson Bay. (NWF) Covered in oil from the spill in New Zealand: penguins. (Grist) Massacred for the shark fin trade: sharks in Colombian waters. (Guardian)

The Project Green Challenge from Teens Turning Green continues to impress us with the actions and passions of the teens involved. We talked to Judi Shils, founder of Teens Turning Green, about it: "I think we hear a lot about how the youth in our country are apathetic and not stepping up -- but, on the contrary, we are seeing that they are engaged…." (Our interview)

A hearing at City Hall in Santa Monica was held by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water and the Senate Select Committee on the Environment, the Economy and Climate Change on "Climate Change Adaptation: Impacts in Southern California." The harsh reality was noted, but the focus now is on taking action. (And our local elected leaders took our I AM Challenge; post with photos)

Solar energy market is growing -- and surpassing fossil fuel sectors. (Inside Climate News)

Innovation inspiration of the week: Japanese companies turn bras into fuel. (Grist)