Your Green Corner: Better Office Improvements

sharon_painting_officeHere is a picture of Sharon Williams, the receptionist at Global Green's Santa Monica's office. No doubt about it: Sharon keeps the office running for us. It was time for us to make some office improvements and she is seen here using the paint we picked out: a cheery blue color from Mythic Paint, a company that makes no-VOC paint. (If you're not familiar, VOCs are volatile organic compounds -- gases made of chemical combinations that can be harmful. When you have a headache in a freshly painted office or home? It's from the gases emitted from the paint on the walls. Get more info from the EPA.) So next time you hear that your office is planning to paint, speak up and ask your office manager or Human Resources department to choose non-toxic, no-VOC options. The same goes for carpeting, too. The more walls and floors we cover with better-for-the-environment paint and carpeting, the cleaner our air will be.