Message from Matt: Thanksgiving Gratitude

November brings the holidays closer. Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. As we do, we give thanks for our loved ones and all our blessings. We revere the notion of home, and the lines extend past the walls of our houses to the borders of our neighborhoods, our cities, our country, our planet. We are thankful enough for what we have to work on preserving it.

This year, we are grateful for those joining us in taking steps to guarantee a more sustainable future -- by taking individual actions to fight climate change in their homes, schools, communities, and cities.

Since we launched our I AM Challenge to fight climate change this fall, we have been impressed and inspired by the submissions from concerned citizens committed to making a difference -- to becoming citizen entrepreneurs in their approach and actions.

We have been inspired by the I AM response submissions from supporters telling us about how they are making a difference with personal actions in their daily lives. Many are promising to conserve more energy at home and to cut back on using their cars by walking or biking to work and markets.

A college student from Baltimore is creating an urban city garden.

A mom from Long Island is starting an organic gardening program at her daughter's school.

A young girl from Mobile, AL, is just learning about conservation and drinking filtered water in a Hello Kitty reusable bottle.

A college student from Maryland has pledged to start an energy challenge on campus.

A college student in Salt Lake City is committed to advocating for a new no-idling law, and see that it is enforced.

We have heard from supporters who say they will look into the environmental records of local leaders up for election and others who say they are teaching sustainable practices to their children and coworkers.

We really do believe that small changes can make a big impact. Tell us: What are you are doing?