In the Field: Coastal Wetlands Restoration Trip

Thriving new wetlands plants


I headed to Venice, Louisiana, at sunrise today to boat out from Cypress Cove with some wonderful groups working to restore Louisiana's coastal wetlands. We went armed with thousands of "Gulf Saver" plant restoration bags created by the Restore the Earth Foundation for us to deploy as part of an effort to repair the damage caused by BP's oil catastrophe, and to strengthen our coastal wetlands against climate change's growing impacts.

Everyone on this trip knows how critical the Gulf of America's coast is to our country's energy security, our fisheries, and our international shipping, but we all work to spread the word. At Global Green, our work helps drive solutions for our coastal challenges, from mentoring emerging restoration entrepreneurs to forging strong collaborations with coastal communities to help restore the coast.

Today, we saw wetland plants put in last spring that are thriving (see photo) and learned that Clif Bar is helping to fund the work and also sending 30 employees to plant 5000 more plants in the next week. It was another chance to see first-hand how the fight is going, and also get down in the mud to lend a hand, one wetland plant at a time.