Keystone XL Pipeline Decision Delayed

In what is considered a hopeful sign that the Keystone XL Pipeline project will ultimately unravel, the Obama Administration has delayed its decision on the controversial tars sands project. The proposed pipeline, which was opposed by numerous environmental organizations -- including Global Green -- was set to run from Canada to Texas, but alternate routes are now being reviewed, delaying any action until after the election. "The people spoke in great numbers, and loudly. And thankfully, the President has listened," said Bill McKibben of, on Twitter following the news. "The decision about Keystone directly mentions climate -- it is not just rerouting in Nebraska. This is a very big deal." We couldn't agree more, and we thank our supporters for signing our letter to President Obama urging him to reject the project.

Here's hoping this is a good sign for the clean energy future we know we need for a sustainable future.