Win for Green Streets: Bike Sharing in Santa Monica

bl_bike_share It was a clear victory for greener roads in Santa Monica last night, with the Santa Monica City Council unanimously approving the adoption of a Bike Master Plan that will accelerate the introduction of a Bike Share program we have been advocating for this year.

Policy Associate Gina Goodhill represented us at the Council meeting, arguing that bike sharing warrants high priority in order to get the City’s Bike Master Plan and a comprehensive network of bicycle lanes in place. She also pointed out that other cities such as Denver, Boston, New York, and Minneapolis are farther ahead than Santa Monica.

The Council approved our proposal to accelerate the implementation of the Bike Sharing component of the Bike Master Plan from 2016 to 2012 and also voted to allocate funds to create a Bike Share Task Force that will spearhead development of a bike sharing plan. The plan would need to identify locations for bike share stations as well as explore options for raising the upfront capital needed to launch the program.

Check out the video of the Council meeting with Gina Goodhill speaking about the plan (she comes on at 3:47).