Global Green Room Interview: Lily Achatz

Lily Achatz (right) with Global Green's Nina Storm San Francisco-based fashion show producer and designer Lily Achatz has worked closely with Global Green USA on producing the eco fashion show for our annual Gorgeous & Green event in San Francisco. Before this year's show, she sat down to answer questions for our Global Green Room Interview.

What would surprise us about your work?

My attention to detail. Also, what is surprising to a lot of people about green fashion is that it can be just as glamorous and beautiful -- forget the idea of compromise. It's great: at this year's event, there are fabrics made from pineapples and water lilies.

Who is your hero?

Leonardo DiCaprio is one -- for his environmental work with his own foundation and his work with Global Green. He's had his foundation for years with his mother and I admire his longtime devotion to the environment.

What is your greatest success?

It hasn’t happened yet.

What is your greatest failure or challenge?

I don't think of myself as failing. I think of myself as learning from everything I do. I try to enjoy anything I’m involved with -- otherwise I wouldn't be doing it.

If you could make one global and green change, what would it be?

I would have everyone understand the importance of the environment, from clean water to clean air -- and to what it means to actually live sustainably.