RESTORE Act: Support Online

bl_never_againI've recently seen first-hand the continuing devastation of the BP oil disaster. Just as importantly, though, I've seen that the coastal damage can be repaired -- with innovative science and dedicated local community members and businesses. But to repair the Gulf Coast, we need to make sure that most of BP's fines for damaging the Gulf Coast come back to the Gulf Coast. Which is why we call upon you to act to support the RESTORE Act today. Today and tomorrow, we are joining our friends at the Restore the Mississippi River Delta in a two-day call to action for supporters to help us urge Congress to pass the Restore Act -- with the use of social media.

We are in full support of the RESTORE Act, which will help clean up the damage done by the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The law would guarantee that at least 80% of BP's Clean Water Act fines and penalties will be directly paid to Gulf Coast states for ecosystem restoration.

It is estimated that more than hundreds of businesses in 27 states would benefit from the passing of the bill. Of course, economic help for the Gulf will be beneficial for the entire nation, which needs a strong Gulf Coast for the energy security of our country; our fisheries; and our international shipping.

We need support from coastal communities, small businesses, and individuals to help us urge Congress in supporting this act. Please join us on Twitter today (retweet what we post on the issue to your followers) and on Facebook Tuesday (like our post and share it with our friends).