Weekly Rewind: January 2-8

corr_recycle_binGreen news stories we're still talking about from last week: Pour Over This: Coffee prices are up at Starbucks (Grist story) and maple syrup may be at risk (Grist story) -- as a result of climate change. In happier news, Scotland is using whiskey to create energy (Good story).

Better Business: California companies began registering with the state to become "benefit corporations," allowing them to legally commit their companies to social and environmental causes (LA Times story).

Drilling Bullies: The oil industry is threatening Obama with "huge political consequences" if he doesn't approve the Keystone XL Pipeline (The Hill story).

Voting for the Planet: Not paying attention to pre-election goings-on yet? A column by Mark Bittman (New York Times) on people power and this video will remind you of the importance of voting.

More BP Belly-Aches: The Gulf Coast is still recovering and BP and Halliburton are bickering over money that's owed (Huffington Post story).

Waste Not: We talked to Edible Manhattan about our food waste efforts in NYC for a good story on composting (Edible Manhattan).

Earth Shattering: A fracking operation near Youngstown is responsible for 11 earthquakes (TreeHugger story).

Accessed!: We are thrilled for our friend and board member Sebastian Copeland as he makes history in Antarctica. (Our post, with his audio update and link to our interview with him)