Power For Haiti: Two Years After the Earthquake

With students from Cine Institute, recipients of a donated solar tent. Today marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake that struck the nation of Haiti. The rebuilding of Haiti has been painfully slow, but progress is being made.

Thanks to our supporters, Global Green is doing its part to help green the rebuilding of Haiti. We mobilized immediately after the earthquake, and generous individuals were joined by Walton Goggins, who raised over $6,000, and SBE, which raised $20,000 from their employees to help us make an impact.

I have some amazing news to share, and a way you can help us do so much more. But first let me share a report on what we've done so far.

Global Green has selected three partners on the ground doing important work, and we're greening their projects.


Last November, I made my second trip to Haiti to build homes for a week with Habitat for Humanity and President and Mrs. Carter. While there, I announced Global Green's donation to Habitat to help build compostable latrines and solar neighborhood lighting.

I was also able to visit the Cine Institute in Jacmel, where we committed to make a grant to help power their film school where they train young Haitians to work in film, television, and radio. Global Green was able to get a $100,000 solar tent donated for the Cine Institute. Thanks to the support of Black Card Foundation, FTL Solar, Jet Blue, and Airline Ambassadors, the solar tent allowed the only film school in Haiti to power one of their buildings.

In March of 2011, I also visited the APJ school in Port au Prince, where secondary students from camps are getting a second chance at an education. We plan to make a donation of solar, so the students can always access their computer lab.

All these projects will benefit from Global Green's help and our donation of solar panels, so students and families do not need to depend on the unreliable electricity grid or dirty, expensive diesel generators.

But there's some more great news to report!

haiti_solarlightThis week, I was able to secure a donation of 110 kilowatts of solar panels for Global Green's work in Haiti! The value is $300,000 to $400,000. This is amazing news, and is thanks to the great people at the SunPower Foundation.

To take advantage of this donation, we now need to raise the money to ship the solar panels to Haiti, safely get them to our partners, and have them installed. We estimate we need to raise another $100,000 for the shipping and installation costs. You can help us give the gift of power: the APJ school, the Cine Institute, and the community center to serve 400 families at Habitat for Humanity's project in Leogane can be powered 100% by the sun.

Please make a donation today, and whatever you think you can give, please double it. The amazing people of Haiti need our help.