Weekly Rewind: January 16-22

bl_preoscar_inviteHere are some stories we're still talking about from last week. NO KXL: President Obama rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal. The response was as controversial as the debate: (Huffington Post Green report)

In Our Backyard: Governor Jerry Brown delivered his state of the state address and declared California as the nation's leader in creating renewable energy jobs (Brown's speech)

Mmmm, Thai Food: We talked to environmental writer Jerry James Stone for our Global Green Room interview -- and we're pretty sure he was in footie pajamas when answering our questions. (Our interview)

Road to Rio: Tickets are now available for our fabulous Pre-Oscar Party on February 22. We'll be kicking off our Road to Rio campaign there (details soon!). (Save the date, tickets)

Bills Blackout: Online protests of the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills on internet piracy raised a lot of awareness -- and proved how powerful the web can be as a driver of change. (Good post)

Clean Air: A new NASA study showed that controlling air pollution can help stave off climate change and also improve health and agriculture. (NASA story)

About Face: Republican candidates are debating (and continuing to deny climate change). Here's a chat with a climate scientist Newt Gingrich dismissed. (Climate Progress post)