Green Gridiron: Organic Super Bowl Food & Drinks

bl_football_chips_bowlSome people watch the Super Bowl for the game, others for the commercials and half-time show, still others for the opportunity to nosh on delicious and often decadent food and drinks. Me, I'm watching for all of the above. I'm hoping the Giants kick butt, Madonna gives us "Holiday," at least one commercial makes me laugh out loud -- and I get a seat at my friend's Super Bowl party within easy reach of the food table. Below, a couple of recipes to help you green your Super Bowl party menu. Chips and Salsa Green salsa, coming right up. Try Jerry James Stone's Kiwi and Jalapeno Salsa with organic, non-GMO tortilla chips.

Wings My friend Spencer is a chef and has a delicious recipe for spicy wings. Be sure the chicken you use is free-range and organic.

Chili I've worked on fine-tuning my chili recipe, which is hearty and always a crowd-pleaser. It can be made without the meat for vegetarians (just double the beans).

Sweet Treats To show my allegiance to the NY Giants, I'm making an apple dessert (you know, the Big Apple?). Here's a recipe for a simple baked apple dessert I make with organic apples from my local farmer's market.

Beverages Local and organic choices are always best. In LA, The Bruery is a nearby brewery with a selection of bottled beers available in Whole Foods. Good options for organic California wine come from Sunstone, Alma Rosa, and Casa Barranca. I also love Santa Cruz Organic juices and sparkling drinks.

More Find more Super Bowl recipes and food and drink ideas from The Daily Green, Inhabitat, Ecorazzi, and Mother Nature Network.

It was pointed out that guacamole was left off this post earlier (egads!) and Jerry James Stone kinded tweeted us his grilled avocado guacamole recipe.