Weekly Rewind: January 30-February 5

bl_greenlove_heartScore!: It was the greenest Super Bowl (Grist post) and they even served organic chili at the concession (Ecorazzi post). We're feeling a little stuffed today from the food (organic, of course). Camera Ban: "Gasland" filmmaker Josh Fox was arrested while trying to film at a Capitol hearing on fracking. (Story on the arrest and statement from Fox)

Hey Mr. DJs: In Pre-Oscar talent booking news, we have KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad lined up, as well as DJ Michael Smith. The event is at Avalon Hollywood on February 22. More details soon and tickets available now.

Blowin' in the Wind: Board member Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry successfully completed a three-month transcontinental crossing of Antarctica -- and brought the Global Green flag! (Post with photos)

Shine On: A report came out indicating that when a solar panel is installed, neighbors are more likely to follow (Treehugger post). Meanwhile, a plummet in solar panel prices in India could be good news for the spread of clean energy. (tcktcktck post)

Green Love: We're calling for your #greenlove photos for a Valentine's Day gallery: your garden, local park, hike, farmer's market, meals made with organic greens -- or another image to represent "green love" for you. More info here. And here's a good photo submitted last week (from the ReWall company).

Long Shadows: On Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, signifying six more weeks of winter. But what kind of winter? Is the groundhog a mascot for climate change? Are Groundhog Day predictions obsolete? (tcktcktck post)

Talkin 'Bout My Generation: Joel Makower (a Baby Boomer) spoke with our board member Cody Horn (a Millennial) on green business. (Green Biz post)

Boxing Match: A member of our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) is teaming with a business to replace non-recyclable produces boxes with recyclable ones -- helping to save 3,500 tons of waste from landfills & eliminating 11,000 tons of carbon emissions (Our post)

Fun Clip of the Week: Hear Kermit talk about big oil companies and Miss Piggy poke fun at Fox News. (Clip)