Ask President Obama to Help Hard-Working Gulf Coast Residents Toward a Cleaner, Greener Future

4725020167_ac52f54bbf_mSomewhere in the Air, USA -- I am on the way down to the Gulf Coast as I write (Delta has wifi!) to go out on the water in the Gulf tomorrow, and attempt to help clean up the Louisiana beaches impacted by the BP oil spill. Joining us on the trip are Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols of One Tree Hill, the TV show. While they have the amazing ability to get nearly 20,000 twitter followers (@SophiaBush, @AUS10NICHOLS) in just a few days, they are just like many of us -- angry about the spill, and wanting to help.

I say "attempt" to clean up as we continue to get reports of BP security detail stopping volunteers and residents from going on to the beaches in need of clean up, and even local police threatening arrest for trespassing to those driving around with their video cameras documenting what is going on.

It sounds crazy this is happening, on our public beaches and roads. Is it a corporate police state? I will know and understand more after tomorrow.

In the meantime, the other day I wrote a blog - Mr. President, BP's Fines Should Also Fund a Foundation to Help Hard-Working Gulf Coast Residents Toward a Cleaner, Greener Future - addressing the need to provide long term, independent support to help the Gulf Coast become the Green Coast.

I want to ask for your help. Please join we me in calling on President Obama to create the independent Gulf Coast Clean Energy and Healthy Communities Foundation.

And, while thousands of Americans are prevented from volunteering to help with clean up and rescuing wildlife, here are 12 small steps we can all take to do our part in response to the BP Oil Spill (we're calling it "12 Small Steps to an Oil Change.")

Some would say you would be doing more than Tony Hayward -- hope he enjoyed his yacht race.

Also posted on Matt Petersen's Huffington Post blog.