Muppets Invitation: Play our Pre-Oscar Party

We love Kermit the Frog and his fellow Muppets. After all, Kermit knows that it's not easy being green, but decides it's what he really wants to be anyway.

We heard that the Muppets have not been invited to sing at the Academy Awards ceremony, even though a song from last year's Muppet movie (video clip above) is nominated for a Best Song Oscar. (Remember the time Rob Lowe sang with Snow White at the Oscars? That was okay for TV, but the Muppets are not?)

Well, if the Academy won't let the Muppets perform during the Oscar ceremony, we want to offer them the chance to perform at our Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood on February 22 -- just a few days before the Academy Awards.

Our Pre-Oscar party is the green event of Oscars week. Each year, we raise awareness about global environmental issues, and funds for our projects that improve the lives of people in need -- and then we kick up our heels to music from bands and DJs that entertain our supporters. This year, we will use the event to launch our Rio+20 (AKA the Rio Earth Summit) campaign and citizen entrepreneur/local green hero contest. For music, we have booked Evaline, The New Division, and DJs Garth Trinidad and Michael Smith. There is definitely room in the lineup for Muppets!

And if the Academy decides in favor of letting the Muppets play, we will keep open our invitation for the Muppets to play our party and sing anything they want to sing.