Weekly Rewind: February 12-18

bl_senator_sanders Stories we're still talking about from the week.

Day of Action: We joined other environmental organizations in calling upon our Senators to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. (Our post; a photo posted by Bill McKibben of a Senator's call sheet)

Tables Turned: Documents from the Heartland Institute -- a group of climate change doubters behind the "Climategate" distribution of hacked documents from climate scientists -- were leaked. (LA Times story)

Greener Mardi Gras: An estimated 25 million pounds of Mardi Gras are used -- and only 2% are recycled. We're working with groups in New Orleans to fix that. (Our post)

Free Fox: A judge dropped the case against Josh Fox, the director of "Gasland," who had been arrested for filming a hearing on fracking. (Fox's response)

Video Clip of the Week: During a great Senate session, Senators Al Franken, Bernie Sanders, and Sheldon Whitehouse discussed climate change. (Video clip)

We Heart Climate Scientists: Our staff posed with a (hard-to-see) sign that says, “We Heart Climate Scientists” (pic) for a social media campaign to show love for climate scientists during Valentine’s Day week. Meanwhile, Michael Mann talked to Wired about what it’s like to be under siege. (Wired story)

Sweet Eco Fashion: We talked to Oliver Tolentino, whose dresses will be modeled during our Pre-Oscar Party this week about his eco fashions, including gowns made from pineapple leaf fabric. (Global Green Room Interview)