Evolve for a Cause: Evolve Motorcycle Auction

Peter Glatzer and Adrian Grenier of SHFT, with the Xenon from Evolve Motorcycles. There are more and more great electric vehicle options on the market and advances in technology are making the EV future look brighter than ever. In terms of cool, we would be hard-pressed to find something to top this one: the Customized Xenon Light Motor Bike from Evolve Motorcycles. If it looks familiar (and futuristic), you might remember seeing wheels like this in the movie "Tron." The fine folks at Evolve brought it out to display at our Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood last night and donated it to be auctioned off on Charity Buzz, with proceeds to help fund our work here at Global Green. For those looking to splurge on a sweet ride: here's your chance!