Green Event Details: Pre-Oscar Party 2012

preoscars_jamie_green_wall We held our 9th annual Pre-Oscar Party last night at Avalon Hollywood and made sure there were plenty of green details. Here's the scoop.


General Green Event Rules: Choose table arrangements and other greens/flowers that are composed of organic and reusable plants, flowers, and other materials.

Pre-Oscar Party 2012 Details: Landscape gardener Jamie Durie provided a true green entrance at Avalon Hollywood with living walls of sustainable greens. Plants and other arrangements were also displayed inside the venue.


General Green Event Rules: Serve organic and sustainable food. Whenever possible, use produce from local farmers and merchants.

Pre-Oscar Party 2012 Details: Before the party, Lexington Social House served a family-style meal to a group of Global Green's top supporters, using local and organic ingredients. On the family-style menu: Local Charred Octopus; Heirloom Apple & Fennel Salad; Local Beet Salad; Celery Root and Black Truffle Ravioli; Jidori Fried Chicken and Broccolini. Wine was from Cline Cellars and SHFT Wine House. Avalon Hollywood also sourced organic ingredients wherever possible for the passed hors d' oeuvres in the VIP lounge, and Gardein provided a meatless snack bar on the main floor for the party.


General Green Event Rules: Serve organic wine and spirits that are organic and biodynamic. For other drinks, opt for naturally flavored soft drinks and organic juices. Use reusable glassware.

Pre-Oscar Party 2012 Details: The bar was stocked with organic 360 Vodka and wines from One Hope, J. Lohr Estates, and Cline Cellars. The specialty cocktail at the event was The Electric Shakerata, made with espresso, simple syrup, and organic chocolate vodka 360 Vodka. One of our sponsors, SodaStream, also set up a table near the bar to dispense carbonated drinks in reusable bottles.


General Green Event Rules: Encourage public transportation, carpooling, or travel in hybrid or electric vehicles.

Pre-Oscar Party 2012 Details: Celebrity guests arrived in Chevy Volt hybrid electric sedans. We also worked with Zimride to promote carpooling to the event. Bonus: Evolve Motorcycles donated a Customized Xenon Light Motor Bike, which was displayed at the venue and then put up for auction, with proceeds to benefit Global Green.


General Green Event Rules: Choose online and email communications when possible. Enlist a printing service that uses recycled paper and non-toxic ink for necessary printed materials, such as invitations and event programs.

Pre-Oscar Party 2012 Details: We didn't print invitations or programs for this event, opting instead for electronic invitations. We also used plasma screens for most messaging at the event.