Weekly Rewind: February 27-March 4

bl_oil_bird_gulf_coast Stories we're still talking about from last week.

Deepwater Letdown: BP settled with plaintiffs over the 2010 Deepwater oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, oil drilling has returned to the Gulf in earnest (NY Times stories on the settlement agreement and new drilling)

Talk About the Weather: Storms and tornadoes across the U.S. brought up the topic of climate change and how it relates to extreme weather. (Climate Progress story)

Hearing About Heroes: The first batch of entries have come in for our Citizen Entrepreneur Contest to find local green heroes. (Nominations open now!)

NY in NOLA: Our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) team from NY hosted a conference in New Orleans: "Green Growth & Resource Recovery: The New Orleans Opportunity." Topics included waste reduction, recycling and composting opportunities, and green jobs in recycling. (Conference agenda)

Home Sweet Home: Our NOLA Wise team was at the New Orleans Home and Garden Show to educate and sign up homeowners for our energy efficiency program -- and to announce our $10,000 Home Energy Makeover Contest. (Contest)

Seuss Sell-Out?: Everyone has an opinion on "The Lorax" movie interpretation on the beloved Dr. Seuss book and its numerous commercial product tie-ins -- and most are not good. (Green Biz story)

Clean Energy Leadership: President Obama's weekly address discussed the need to fight for a clean energy (President Obama's address)

Earth on Stage: There was a lot of buzz about the TED conference session on Earth. (TED lineup)

Bike Bidding: Bidding is up on the Customized Xenon Light Motor Bike from Evolve Motorcycles being auctioned off for our benefit. (Auction)