Green Schools, Good Jobs & Green Jobs

One of our completed green school projects. The 2012 Good Jobs, Green Jobs Regional Conferences are bringing together thousands of labor, environmental, business, elected and community leaders working to promote, preserve, and build coalitions that create good jobs and preserve our economic and environmental future.

I will be attending to present on a panel entitled "The Green Schools Movement: Saving Energy, Creating Jobs, Helping Kids" on Thursday, March 15, from 1:30-3 p.m.

I will discuss:

  • Our on-the-ground project-based technical assistance work in Los Angeles (LAUSD) and New Orleans (Recovery School District) and how these built examples are having both direct and real impact in those communities, and serving as learning opportunities
  • Our Advocacy  (in CA and Louisiana) to create incentives for green schools through various policy mechanisms and why creating strong policy including incentives is critical
  • Our movement-building activity, including our 2011/12 national Green School Makeover Competition, which reached more than three million people, garnered more than 200 entries and resulted in a winning school that is receiving $65k in cash (plus tech assistance) to implement green measures; and the recent release of our Green Schools mobile app (in partnership with CHPS)