Weekly Rewind: March 12-18

Depiction of sea level rise in NY. Green news stories we're still talking about from last week.

Resigning: The much-discussed resignation letter from the Goldman Sachs executive that was published last week mentions being a model citizen... which got us thinking about citizen entrepreneurship. (Post on citizen entrepreneurs)

Rising: A new report shed light on the threat of sea level rise, as a result of climate change. How bad? "Sea level rise is like an invisible tsunami, building force while we do almost nothing," says a scientist. (New York Times story)

Green Jobs: We were at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs regional conference in Los Angeles, where Mary Luevano talked about our work on green schools for the "The Green Schools Movement: Saving Energy, Creating Jobs, Helping Kids” panel. (Our post)

Green Work Abroad: Finn Longinotto was in France for the 6th World Water Forum, where our Green Cross International partners announced they are joining a new United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Platform for Global Water Solidarity. (Post)

Greening San Diego: A couple of good stories discussed the the LEED Silver project we recently worked on in San Diego: the Village at Market Creek. (U-T San Diego storyMarket Watch story)

Greening Goleta: There was a good Noozhawk story on our work in Goleta, CA, to help the city's green building efforts. (Post)

Greening New Orleans: There was a good Fast Company Co.EXIST story on the greening of New Orleans post-Katrina, with an interview with Beth Galante from our New Orleans office. (Post)

Green Room: The latest subject of our Global Green Room Interview is Kelly Rigg of Tck Tck Tck. "Our greatest challenge is addressing climate change," she told us -- and more. (Interview)

Green Heroes: We've received good nominations so far for our Citizen Entrepreneur Contest to find local green heroes --from NY, CA, MI, GA, LA & more. (Enter now!: Contest form)

Green Clip of the Week: Stephen Colbert on TV's "The Colbert Report" took on GOP candidates and their energy and climate statements. (Clip via Grist)