Field Report: Wall Street Green Summit

ny_annie_wall_street_presentationAnnie White, director of our our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) program, presented today on the "New Ideas in Environmental Finance" panel at the Wall Street Green Summit today. Launched in 2002, the summit is a long-running and comprehensive environmental market event on cutting-edge content, industry developments, and the latest developments in green trading and finance. Her presentation addressed CoRR’s food waste recovery program and addressed:

  • CoRR's work in spurring innovation and infrastructure development to recover value from New York City's 1,640 tons per day of commercial food waste.
  • Growth in the regional composting infrastructure, which is a key opportunity for composting more of New York City’s food waste. The Gore composting system is used by major food waste composting outlets that service Seattle and New York City. A closer composting location to New York City would provide a more affordable solution. (More: see CoRR's video of the facility servicing NYC)
  • Exciting developments in the U.S. anaerobic digestion industry, including a new anaerobic digestion facility under development for food waste in Columbia, South Carolina where landfill tip fees are only $35 per ton.
  • Co-digestion at wastewater treatment plants as a strategy for utilizing existing infrastructure. This could be a good strategy to complement Mayor Bloomberg's renewable energy from wastewater goal as stated in his recent State of the City address.
  • On-site processing and recovery will be a game-changer. By reducing the water from food waste and/or producing compost, trucks trips can be reduced. Food waste is approximately 75% water, so reducing water content could eliminate 49 long-haul truck trips per day -- equivalent to 1,000 tons per day of waste.