Weekly Rewind: March 19-25

hunger_games_poster Green news stories we're still talking about from last week.

Greening Wall Street & Beyond: At the Wall Street Green Trading Summit, Annie White discussed our recycling and waste reduction efforts with our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) team. (Post)

Water Work: Finn Longinotto from our DC office attended the 6th World Water Forum and reported back on Mikhail Gorbachev’s remarks, talk of climate adaptation, Smart Water for Green Schools, and more. (Post)

More Water Work: We joined our Green Cross International colleagues in commemorating World Water Day. (Post)

Home Improvements: We held a workshop in New Orleans on upgrading your home wisely with weatherization from our NOLA Wise program. (Post)

Contest Video: Some amazing friends and supporters of Global Green (Emmy Rossum, Dylan McDermott, Michelle Branch, Sophia Bush, Walton Goggins, Peter Mensah, and Maggie Grace) helped us make a video for our Citizen Entrepreneur contest to find local green heroes. (Video and contest entry form)

Green Ribbon: We were excited to hear that the Environmental Charter School in Lawndale, a school we partnered with on greening their school, was nominated for the new federal Green Ribbon Schools Program. (Post)

Green Economy: The Labor Department announced that 3.1 million Americans hold "green" jobs. (AP story)

Weather Reports: Unseasonable weather made headlines across the country and 350.org is urging people to connect the dots between extreme climate and the weather. (Climate Dots)

Fracking with Water & Air: A new study suggests that fracking may increase air pollution health risks. (LA Times story). Meanwhile, water samples were shown to contain dangerous quantities of methane gas in Dimock, PA. (ProPublica report)

Loving It: We were excited to hear that McDonald's is testing double-walled paper coffee cups as a possible replacement for styrofoam, and working with a member of our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) program. (Post)

Hunger & Climate: The highly-anticipated film "Hunger Games" opened. As it turns out, people are reporting a climate change connection! (Slate story and Grist story)

Twitterverse News: We got a new, shorter one for the Twitterverse! Now we're simply @globalgreen (no more "usa" at the end -- a shorter name means more space for our tweets!).

Headline of the Week: "Eerily Gorgeous Weather Finally Convinces People That Global Warming is a Thing" (Jezebel)