Weekly Rewind: March 26-April 1

ruffalo_colbert_reportGreen news stories we're still talking about from last week. Headline of the Week: "Forest scientists pit trees against each other in fight for survival" from Grist. Sounds like a summer blockbuster! (Grist story)

Video Clip of the Week: Mark Ruffalo shined "The Colbert Report," where he discussed the dangers of fracking, his role as an activist, and more. (Post with video clip)

Good Grief -- What An Awful Thief: Someone stole a statue of the Lorax from the California estate of Dr. Seuss. (LA Times story)

Capping It: The EPA proposed the first Clean Air Act standard for carbon pollution for future power plants. (ReportGrist story)

Field Report from Florida: Beth Galante and Camille Lopez attended the Energy Efficiency Global Forum to discuss our work to bring energy-efficiency to New Orleans with our NOLA Wise program. (Our post)

Money Matters: An "Economist" story revealed that by 2100, the cost of climate change will be nearly $2 trillion annually. (Economist story)

Green Screen News: "The Island President" documentary on sea level rise and climate change in the Maldives received lots of praise as it began showing in select cities. (TV interview with former President Nasheed of the Maldives)

Heart-Less, in a Good Way: GM Foundation stopped funding for the Heartland Institute, the group of climate change deniers. (LA Times story)

Concern on the West Coast: The San Onofre plant in Southern California was closed indefinitely following the recent breakdown of the large steam generators, and the release of radioactive steam. (Our post)