Field Report: Boxing Day in Santa Cruz


When we buy our healthy greens from the grocery store, we're buying some unhealthy fossil-fuel-intensive packaging products as well. But we are working to change all that.

For an Earth Day event at New Leaf Community Market's flagship store in Santa Cruz, California, today, our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) team showcased recyclable coated produce boxes and called for grocers to request earth-friendly packaging for fresh foods.

Our mission: Show that a recyclable box for wet produce, which now costs the same or less than a more common non-recyclable box, is just as effective.

corr_santa_cruz_boxes_fieldThe recyclable boxes were packed with iceberg lettuce, celery hearts, and broccoli at the Lakeside Organic Gardens Watsonville facility, and were transported to New Leaf. There, the boxes were inspected, unpacked, and a waste-free salad was prepared in the parking lot and served to the gathered crowd.