Field Report: Dearborn LEED-ND Visit


Ted Bardacke and Hagu Solomon from our Green Urbanism Program are in Dearborn, MI, for a three-day LEED-ND site assessment for the area around their new transit station.

With a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program, our team is helping local leaders across the country implement green projects to make their communities more resource-efficient, livable, healthy, and environmentally responsible.

In Dearborn, we are working with city planners on their new intermodal transit station downtown, to be designed as a resource-efficient facility and registered under USGBC's LEED rating system. They will be going for LEED-Gold status on the transit station, which will feature a connector rail from Ann Arbor to Detroit. Stops are planned for the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, regional and local buses, employee shuttles, taxis and limousines, and non-motorized greenways. These elements will increase choice, decrease traffic congestion, boost the economy, and improve quality of life through more efficient, sustainable transportation.

Update: Good Heritage Newspapers report on the visit.