Weekly Rewind: Green News from April 23-29

Monument to the firefighters and first responders at Chernobyl. Green news we're still talking about from last week.

Field Report from Chernobyl: On 26th anniversary of the nuclear tragedy, CEO Matt Petersen visited Chernobyl with colleagues from Green Cross organizations. (Our post, with photos)

Kids Rule: There was a "Go Green" student art show at the Texas School for the Deaf, the winning school from our Green School Makeover Competition (Our post)

Greening Neighborhoods: We were in Dearborn, MI, for community meetings to assist them with plans for a resource-efficient transit station as part of our LEED-ND program to assist eight U.S. cities. (Our post)

Field Report from Ethiopia: Paul Walker was in Ethiopia at the 13th Annual World Congress on Public Health to discuss our work to eliminate chemical weapons. (Our post)

Field Report from the White House: Finn Longinotto attended the White House's "Champions of Change: Greening Our Cities and Towns" ceremony to honor citizens chosen for their work to green communities. (Our post)

Field Report from LA: Walker Wells and Gina Goodhill were at the U.S. Green Building Council LA Chapter's Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo to talk about our work on low-income building projects in LA and refitting buildings in California. (Our post)

Green School, Green Ribbon: The Environmental Charter High School, one of the LA schools we have assisted, was selected by the U.S. Department of Education for its Green Ribbon Schools program. (Our post)

Green Office Space: Staffers from our New Orleans office attended the groundbreaking for the new office space they'll be moving into later this year, with other social entrepreneurs and movers and shakers. (Our post)

Climate Change & the Campaign: The subject of  climate change and the Presidential campaign came up in the President Obama interview with Rolling Stone magazine. (Rolling Story story)

Funny Math: After federal charges were filed against a BP employee, it was revealed that hundreds of text messages were reportedly deleted by his phone to mislead the public about the actual extent of the spill. (ProPublic story)

Bad Seafood: In other oil spill news, more deformed shrimp and fish have been caught in the Gulf. (Grist post)

Headline of the Week: "United, We Can't Stand Them" from "The Colbert Report" for its report on the absurd claim that immigrants are responsible for worsening our nation's carbon footprint. (Video clip)

Video of the Week: No question on this one. Baby panda cam! Four panda cubs, tons of fun. Ready, set, watch.