Weekly Rewind: April 30-May 6

nola_hcp_houseGreen news stories we're still talking about from last week. Just Listed: Green homes we built in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans are on the market. (Our post)

Booked: We're moderating a roundtable discussion this June on urban agriculture in Youngstown, OH. (Our post)

By the Numbers: Michelle from our New Orleans office calculated some figures for National Bike Month. (Our post)

Billboard on Killer Killed: A Heartland Institute billboard compared climate change believers to the Unabomber. (Mother Jones post)

Power of Solar: The world's largest solar-powered boat sailed the world for 19 months. (TckTckTck post)

Cost of Nuclear: It's estimated that the repair bill for San Onofre nuclear plant could hit $65 million. (LA Times story)

Green Homes = Green Jobs: Our NOLA Wise program in New Orleans has logged 15,000 job hours since launch. (Our post)

Fracking Findings: A study predicts fluids could migrate to aquifers and poison drinking water supplies within years. (ProPublica post)

Imagine This: A video game on Thoreau's Walden? Yes, it's real. (Grist post)

Video of the Week: Time-lapse photography of the new (and green) World Trade Center's rise at ground zero. (Our post)

Headline of the Week: "Climate Sceptics Enlist Unabomber" from Australian's "The Age."