Mother's Day & Every Day: Helping Mother Earth

gs_nola_kids_mlk To mark Mother's Day, we asked Global Green staff to reflect on the work we do for mothers -- and Mother Earth. Personally, I am proud and honored to work alongside the amazing people of Global Green -- not to mention our partners, donors, and volunteers -- who give their all every day to help create a healthier environment for mothers and families in need.

Below, read what our staff members have to share, and please consider giving a give a tribute or memory gift to honor your mother -- and Mother Earth. You can make a tribute gift to your mom via our friends at Crowdrise, and if you give by May 15, you can help us win $25,000!

Ted Bardacke: "Making better schools for daughters."

Beth Galante: "I'm proud of Global Green's work in New Orleans to help mothers make their family's homes healthier, safer and more energy efficient."

Gina Goodhill: "I'm proud of our work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage across California by working to implement legislation that would increase energy efficiency in our existing buildings."

Lily Kelly: "I'm proud to help get recycling bins deployed in quick-service restaurants so everyone, including mothers, who buys food in paper packaging can recycle it, thus in turn helping their Mother Earth.

Karl Knief: "I'm proud that I can do my part to help set a course for a viable future for everyone and to help open people's eyes about the importance of treating the Earth with dignity and respect."

Finn Longinotto: "I'm proud to be part of Global Green's effort to draw attention to the human health and environmental consequences of underwater munitions dumped in our earth's seas and lakes, and play a small role in the research necessary to trigger international legislation to address these dangers."

Mary Luevano: "I am proud of our efforts to make energy efficiency the rule rather than the exception. All the energy that will be saved means we are being nicer to Mother Earth -- by taking fewer of her resources. In particular, I love that our Green School Makeover Competition encourages everyone, including moms, to take part in greening their kid's school. It is a great way for moms to exercise their creativity and have fun!"

Stef McDonald: "I feel lucky to share the stories and spread the word about what everyone is doing in the field to make our communities healthier and safer for this and future generations."

Michelle Pyne: "I am proud to show students and visitors at Global Green's Holy Cross Project that living in a green home can increase their quality of life and allow them to be kind to Mother Nature at the same time!"

Linda Stone: "I am proud of nurturing our office's sustainability committee."

Paul Walker: "I'm most proud of the very important work that our international Environmental Security and Sustainability Program has accomplished over the past twenty years, including the facilitation of the safe elimination of over 50,000 metric tons of deadly chemical agents and millions of chemical munitions in the U.S., Russia, and other countries. Only one of these Cold War weapons of mass destruction could kill thousands of innocent people, so we've made significant strides forward in global security for all men, women, and children of the world."

Sharon Williams: "I'm proud of the work we do here at Global Green USA on climate change. When teaching my grandchildren the importance in taking care of Mother Earth, it all leads up to global warming. The amazing thing about that is they go home with excitement telling their parents what they can do to help."